Silvia Román Cabezuelo

Silvia Román Cabezuelo

Dentist, postgraduate in orthodontics.

I was born in Gerona and lived my childhood and adolescence in the tranquility of a town on the Costa Brava. But when I started my university studies I moved to the “big city” to Barcelona, where I trained professionally as a dentist and later specializing in orthodontics. And it is in this city, in Barcelona, where I have trained the best that I have, my family, where I live and work.

I was always a happy, responsible, demanding girl with myself, with a great desire to excel and extremely perfectionist, characteristics that are still the most marked features of my personality and present in my day both personal and professional.

I consider myself a very familiar person, loyal to my friends, protective, sensitive but at the same time strong in front of adversity and a lover of animals.

I like my work, I like to make people smile and I enjoy doing it, just as I am passionate about my two weaknesses: my family and horses.