Gemma Piñán Pociello

Gemma Piñán Pociello

General Dentist and Implants

I was born in Barcelona. After getting married, I went to live in a quiet area of ​​Baix Llobregat. Since I was little I liked to help others and take care of them. That’s why I always dreamed of being a doctor or dentist, although this vocation did not come from my family. For this reason, in 2005, I did not hesitate to study Dentistry at the University of Barcelona.

Subsequently, I continued to train in various dental disciplines with several specialization courses and taking a Postgraduate Course in Surgery and Implantology in 2011.

In my spare time, I enjoy experiencing the adrenaline that skiing gives me and the feeling of freedom in the mountains, although I also like to go to the cinema or the theater. But I enjoy a lot with the company of my family and my dog, Scott.

As a professional I have two very important things: the vocation and seriousness for my work, and the empathy that I transmit to my patients.

Due to the respect that my profession deserves, I do not lose the desire to continue training and specializing with the  RONDA DENTAL clinic team.